Precision Equipment for Adding Items to Web Processes

If your customers are asking you to add items to your print or packaging products and ...
    You've never done this before,
    Or you want to move an existing operation in line to increase throughput and save money,
We can help you with your project because we specialize in high-speed finishing operations on continuous webs.

With our equipment, you can add items - like promos, closures, cards or security devices - directly onto your high speed web of material - without slowing or compromising your operation. Check out how our equipment is different.

To learn more, you can review summaries of our products below, investigate details on our site and contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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PowerStick Applicators On Press

You can apply labels at any location on your web of product material

  • Apply pressure-sensitive items - labels, resealable closures, RFID, NFC tags, booklet labels - on your high speed press while maintaining production speed, up to 96,000 pieces per hour. Even on your large web press.
  • Here are some of our customers:
    • Transcontinental Printing - newsprint, labels on first or any other page
    • New York Times - newspapers, repositionable labels on any page
    • Segerdahl - in-line finishing, scent and flavor samples
    • IBS Direct - direct mail forms, two-up thin cards
    • McNairn Packaging - resealable bread bags, closures
  • See our new case study about applying pressure sensitive items on beverage labels.


PowerForward Card Issuing System

You can verify and issue millions (even billions) of flat cards

  • Verify your encoded cards with 100% reconciliation and automated reject handling
  • Personalize your carriers, attach 1 or 2 cards, cut and fold the carrier, and feed the result into your conventional mail inserter, up to 10,000 card carriers per hour
  • Separate issuing from card manufacturing to gain flexibility and speed - plus save money.
  • These customers issue 6 to 12 million cards per year:
    • State of California ID cards and drivers licenses
    • State of New York ID cards and drivers licenses
    • War Amps of Canada key tags


Booklet Label Machines

You can manufacture booklet labels (ECLs, info or promo items)

  • Produce booklet labels either inline or off-line
  • Operate at up to 185 feet/min (56 m/min) on your label web, assuming a 2 inch (5 cm) repeat
  • Improve your success in manufacturing booklet labels
  • Here are some customer examples:
    • CCL Industries
    • JH Bertrand Inc.
    • Tabco Inc.


Is Our Equipment Right For Your Needs?

Curious about how our equipment might work for you? Then contact us by phone or e-mail. Here's what we'll discuss with you. So you can quickly assess whether our equipment suits your needs. And if it doesn't, we'll recommend other options.

How You Can Benefit

You can meet your project objectives, by

  • Enhancing your products
  • Improving your throughput at maximum speed
  • Integrating with your other equipment
  • Plus achieving equipment payback quickly - typically in 3 to 9 months

You may also optimize staffing and floor space, simplify materials management and streamline production.


Support for Your Ongoing Equipment Operation

As part of your initial purchase, we help you to keep the system running smoothly for the first year. Including on-site training, 3D exploded view diagrams, manuals, and telephone consultations to help your staff learn about our systems.

Our one-year warranty includes parts and labor to correct any functional problems that occur in the first year of use. After the first year, experienced customer staff are usually able to troubleshoot PowerForward systems with minimal outside help.

We also offer a spare parts kit and, if needed, cost-effective maintenance services to ensure your equipment keeps running smoothly.

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