PowerStick - U.S. Patented Continuous Motion Label Transferring


Unique Label Transfer Invention Supports On-Press Finishing

The smooth label transfer mechanism at the heart of our PowerStick line of applicators enables the high speeds needed for applying pressure-sensitive items on press. On June 4, 2013 we were awarded U.S. patent 8,453,700 for this invention.

Read the Patent Abstract (with added paragraphing) below or see the full text for U.S. Patent 8,453,700 here.

Patent Abstract

Continuous motion label transferring apparatus includes a non-stick surface between a peel point and a pinch point.

A label unwinder continuously passes a first web along a path towards the pinch point. The first web includes a series of spaced labels having pressure sensitive self-adhesive on a surface to which a liner of release material is releasably attached.

As the release liner travels around the peel point, the labels continue to move toward the pinch point, passing over the nonstick surface as they approach the pinch point.

A target mover passes a succession of spaced targets through the pinch point adjacent the self-adhesive surface of the labels, so that the labels are individually adhered to the targets.

A control system for the label unwinder monitors the target mover, and synchronizes the labels and targets in a desired manner. The distance between the peel point and the pinch point is set so that the labels can be fed continuously into the pinch point in registration with the targets.

label application point
Red arrow marks the upper label transfer point on a dual NonStop PowerStick. For more photos see PowerStick Gallery

Label Applicator Info
More details about PowerStick applicators and a one page PDF to print or download