PowerStick In-Line Label Applicators

High Speed Applicator on Web Press or Rewind

You can now add labels, promotional items, resealable closures or RFID anywhere on your print or packaging products ... while your base material is still in a continuous format.

You decide where to place the label. The applicator automatically maintains speed and registration in synch with your base web (up to 96,000 pieces per hour).

The PowerStick (US patent 8,453,700) is uniquely designed for speed, flexibility and ease of operation:

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PowerStick applicator

PowerStick on Press

For more photos, see the PowerStick Gallery


Suitable for Most Web Applications

PowerStick label applicators work with any web (paper, film or foil) and attach any type of pressure-sensitive item (including RPNs, flat cards or any products on a release liner).

Newspapers - for adding RPNs on any page

Magazines - for adding samples on any page

Packaging - for promo items and resealable closures (e.g. for food bags)

Targeted Direct Mail - for adding promos on your high speed line

Envelopes and Paper Bags - for putting a coupon booklet or game piece inside

When you're evaluating the costs of a new label applicator, refer to our Label Applicator - Cost Checklist.

PowerStick Running at over 850 FPM on Press


Unique PowerStick Features

Flexible Label Placement

Using PowerStick label applicators you can place labels in any position on your base web. The operator can easily set up the machine by moving the piece to the desired position and entering the repeat position relative to some page mark.

Once the machine is running it uses encoder feedback to automatically maintain registration at any speed. You can also use the input from your existing vision system to automatically adjust label position in real time.

Synchronized, Continuous Motion with Soft-Start

The PowerStick starts with a quick, controlled acceleration from the stopped position. Then it automatically runs the label supply at a speed proportional to your web or product line to achieve your specified alignment, with no stop-start action.

Using our "slide-on" technique (U.S. patent 8,453,700), the label peels off the release liner, crosses a slide plate and affixes to the web, just as the pinch rollers apply the label. This smooth, accurate operation minimizes label breaks and product waste.

Industrial Construction

The PowerStick label applicator is designed for high speeds in high volume industrial environments. Built to last for 8 to 10 years, its construction is similar to that of high quality print and label presses.

  • Machined out of solid aluminum, no stampings
  • Industrial grade bearings, shafts and rollers
  • Remote control operators pendant
  • Precision supports to ensure machine stability
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PowerStick Applicator Models based on Supply & Waste Handling

Core Model: smallest model, easily relocated

Includes application components and a mounting frame. The Core Model provides continuous operation using external label supply and waste extraction systems. Suitable for running on large presses.

Onboard Model: self-contained model

Label applicator complete with onboard 20-inch roll label supply, release liner rewind, and frame with side-lay control. The PowerStick Onboard includes one-button reloading: returning to the operator for changing rolls and then automatically moving back to its operating position.

Multi-Applicator: one applicator lays down several items in one pass

The PowerStick Multi-Applicator applies 2 to 6 items across your base web at full speed. It can apply our full range of pressure-sensitive items, including electronic devices like RFID and NFC tags. See a multi-applicator in action.

See the PowerStick Gallery for photos of these PowerStick models.

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Other Options to Meet Your Needs

Because the PowerStick design is reconfigurable, we can readily adapt the above models to your needs, for example:

Choose a left or right-handed machine ...

Depending on your web direction and the preferred operator's side

Apply items on the top or bottom of the web ...

Without slowing speed or modifying the other steps in your process

Apply multiple items up - 2-up, 4-up, whatever you need ...

Using combinations of applicator units with each operating independently, coordinating with other units as needed.

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Label Applicator Info
View or download the PowerStick Information Sheet.