PowerStick Multi-Applicators

High Volume Applicators for Industrial Web Movers

Our latest model PowerStick applies multi-up labels or electronic devices onto fast moving base webs at 500,000 pieces or more per hour. Typically the base web is a multi-up printed product. PowerStick adds items on top or under each of your individual products. Examples:

  • Gum packages,
  • Lottery tickets,
  • Coffee cups,
  • Prime labels printed multi-up,
  • Direct mail pieces.

The PowerStick Multi-Applicator uses our patented technology (US patent 8,453,700) designed for speed, flexibility and ease of operation - using smooth, continous motion with no start-stop. You decide where to place the label. The applicator maintains speed and registration in synch with your base web.

See our new case study about applying pressure sensitive items on beverage labels.

PowerStick Multi-Applicator

Multi-Applicator Close-Up

For more photos, see the PowerStick Gallery


Suitable for Long Production Runs

A single Multi-Applicator applies items from 2 inches to 12 inches wide and 3 inches long. The wider option allows several items across to be applied at the same time. The video shows 6 NFC tags.

Scalable for very wide base webs

Automatically runs at your web speed

No harm to base web or items applied

Input using customer-supplied butt-splicer

Waste rewind included for easy recycling

Smooth, stable, uses 120 volts, 7 amps

Running at 8400 pieces per min
(sound is 6 NFC tags being applied that fast)


How to get a Multi-Up Web of Materials

You may be wondering how to obtain multi-up materials that are perfectly aligned with your base web. We can help with that.

Label and device manufacturers normally make their products one-up. We offer repositioning equipment that enables them to move their items into a multi-up format to met your requirements. It's fast and safe - no damage to costly materials. Worth it for them and for you, their customer. Check out how repositioning works.

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Label Applicator Info
View or download the PowerStick Information Sheet.