About PowerForward Inc

Founded in 2000, Toronto-based PowerForward Inc offers integrated solutions – mechanical, electrical, software – for label, plastic card and paper handling. Our systems are fast, flexible and precise as well as reliable and low-maintenance.

President Kevin Quinn and the company’s other principals have more than 30 years of experience in developing advanced equipment for high speed print, packaging, label and card applications.

PowerForward Inc


Our Difference

Specialists in Precision Placement on High Speed Webs

In many industries, doing finishing operations at high speed while materials are still in a continuous web format pays off in terms of cost and flexibility. This is our specialty.

High Speed ... Commercial and newspaper printing presses, direct mail finishing lines, label presses, high speed mailers ... our equipment integrates without slowing production speeds

Accuracy ... Placement within 1/ 16 inch (1.5 mm) or better (1/ 64 inch (0.4 mm) for our Booklet Label Machine

To achieve accuracy at high speeds, we use simple designs, industrial quality materials and our proprietary motion controllers.

Intelligent Control

All of our machines use our proprietary motion controller Advantage4 along with sensors to manage their operation. This intelligence is essential for accuracy at high speeds and enables advanced features like:

Full integration with other customer equipment ... Mounting on press with no mechanical connections, just sensors to enable the coordinated operation of our machine

Sophisticated coordination of machine components ... Running in synch with your production line ... handling all adjustments automatically

Simple operator controls ... Requiring minimal operator input and adjustments ... performs detailed calculations automatically

Reliability and Durability

Quality is an absolute must for long term, high speed operation with minimal maintenance. Here's how we achieve it:

Simplicity in design ... A smooth flow of materials (no stop/start or jerkiness) to maximize speed and minimize wear on mechanical components

Rigorous selection of components ... Industrial quality material for fabricated parts and exacting standards for other components to ensure stability and stand up to repetitive, fast operation

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