Booklet Label Manufacturing - Success Tips
If you're new to the business of making booklet labels, then here are a few tips that can make all the difference to your success.


Making booklet labels requires placing thousands of discrete booklets precisely on base labels at high speed, on press or off line

  • This may be very different from your other processes
  • Learn about booklet labels before making your decision to acquire a machine (See our Booklet page, Information sheet and Contact us about any questions you may have)
  • Follow the tips below and benefit from our experience with booklet labels

For success you need long runs

  • Booklet label machines are most economical at 25,000 to 40,000 (or more) booklets per hour
  • Initially setup time may be as long as one hour. This will improve once operators are familiar with loading and aligning the machine

To be safe, you must be aware of booklet patents

  • You can freely use PowerBooklet equipment on-press or off-line, however, specific booklet constructions may be covered by patents
  • Research these thoroughly and design your booklet labels to avoid any patent issues

The quality and size of the booklets are the keys to accuracy

  • Booklets need to be folded to be uniform in size for consistent placement on labels
  • The booklet size ratio (length to width) should be never more than 5:1 to avoid skewing as it travels through the machine
  • Avoid using two-page booklets with just one fold; they will not stack evenly. Adding a third blank page so there are two folds is much better

A well-planned operating environment allows maximum operator productivity

  • Locate the operator's setup and loading station so it's off the traffic path of the pressman
  • Setup the booklet machine off line until it cycles booklets consistently; then switch the machine to work on line
  • Configure the work area so boxes of booklets are easily moved to the operator and empty boxes moved quickly out of the way
  • Minimize the operator's need to bend or reach for materials

A skilled, full-time operator is needed to operate a booklet label machine

  • Manual dexterity for loading the friction feeder that dispenses the booklets
  • Attention to detail to notice skewing that may occur due to inconsistencies in booklets
  • Ability to calmly make small corrections and observe the results until success is achieved