Major Savings Available When Issuing Flat Cards

Issuing millions of non-financial cards? If so, you can save substantial amounts on your card manufacturing and issuing costs.

It starts with your choice of card material and manufacturer. For embossed financial and smart cards, the standard material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). These cards are expensive to manufacture and to issue, particularly if you tie issuance to the card manufacturing process. For flat cards. there are lower cost options.


More Economical Flat Cards

Many cards don't need to be financial-grade plastic. If you are issuing flat cards, like:
  • Government cards, such as ID, social securiity, drivers' licenses, etc.
  • Benefit cards, such as health and insurance
  • Membership cards
  • Gift cards
You can use Teslin, laminated paper or thinner plastic to create unique, functional cards with appropriate security features. Then you have many choices of card suppliers. Plus you can disconnect card manufacturing from card issuing, opening up opportunities for higher productivity and lower costs.

Dramatic Savings Using High Speed Card Issuance
Once you have produced or purchased your cards, you can issue them using high speed equipment integrated with your mailing machine. Our PowerForward Card Issuing System processes cards at up to 10,000 per hour ... many times faster than most issuing equipment. This high production level means fewer machines and operators, less floor space and lower maintenance costs to produce the same throughput.

The PowerForward Card Syetem includes all functions from card reading and verification through personalizing carriers, attaching cards and then folding carriers. Verfication includes reading your printed number, bar code or mag stripe to verify the cards against your data base, as well as a vision system to inspect the card/carrier combination.

The system tracks the entire process with complete card reconciliation and feeds the folded card carriers into your mailing machine. Refer to our card equipment and card industry pages for more details.

Secure, Consistent Throughput
The Card Issuing System runs nonstop - even when unusual things happen. If the cards are out of sequence, that's OK. In fact, cards can be in random order, because the system accesses your data base to verify every card and obtain the data needed to create personalized carriers. Plus it tracks all cards every step of the way and automatically diverts those with error conditions:
  • Unreadable cards
  • Cards not found in the data base
  • ID numbers on card fronts different from the corresponding numbers printed on carriers
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