PowerForward Equipment - Discussing Your Needs
Your goal is to find equipment that meets your business needs, and ours is to find customers whose automation needs are a great fit for the equipment we build. With a perfect match between your requirement and our solution, we know, based on experience, that you will increase revenue, reduce costs, or both. And as a bonus, your PowerFoward machine will run reliably for many years with little maintenance.

The list below shows the steps that we follow to ensure that our products are a good fit for our customers.


Initial Conversation

  • Answer your initial questions and confirm the basic suitability of our equipment for your needs, e.g. high speed, high volume web process
  • Discuss your timing and general cost expectations (We can provide a price range, but not a quote, at this point)
NOTE: We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to discussing details. If at any point in this discussion (or later), it becomes clear that our equipment is not a good fit, we will suggest other products/suppliers that are more suitable. You can start your conversation with us now.

Project Discussion

  • Our goal is to confirm in detail that our equipment will meet your project requirements and to help you select the best configuration for your project
Your process
  • What is the final result of the process?
  • Is this a new or existing process? If you have used other equipment, what were the issues?
  • How long are the runs (without stopping)? And how fast is the web moving? What signals are available for coodinating our equipment?
  • What is the web material? Does it include I-marks?
How the applicator will be used
  • What is the product being applied (including material and size)?
  • How is the product to be positioned?
  • Do you have any existing equipment for handing the material supply and waste?
  • What other products would you like to run in the future?
  • At this point, we may ask to send us samples of your current product(s) and web material.
  • Schedule a follow up discussion to discuss our proposed configuration and pricing

Proposed Configuration and Pricing Discussion

  • A written proposal will be sent to you in advance by e-mail. Our discussion will cover the topics below ...
  • Description of the configuration and its merits for your application
  • Timetable for delivery and payments
  • Pricing, including a breakdown of components
  • Information to support your preparation of a business case
Call 416-227-0002 to begin these discussions or e-mail us your initial questions.