Label Applicator - Cost Checklist

Are you customers asking for unusual label locations - inside the package or bag, on the front page of the sports section? Or is your current process costing too much or taking too long? Then it's time to evaluate the PowerStick label applicator ... the new way to apply pressure sensitive items to continuous webs of material (paper, film or foil).

PowerStick is a specialized applicator that operates on high speed presses. It's not for bottles, boxes, cans or cut sheets. But if you are applying labels after cutting a web of material, then with PowerStick you may be able to apply them earlier, prior to cutting during the higher speed part of the process. If you are willing to consider your whole process, you can increase flexibilty and throughput, and potentially reduce costs and material waste.

Our customers look at many factors when purchasing a label applicator. The Checklist below summarizes these factors, so you'll know what to ask us and any other suppliers that you are considering.


First, do the basic features of applicator meet your needs for current and future projects?

  • Product size range and materials
  • Placement accuracy
  • Label placement flexibility
  • Speed (maximum and minimum)
  • Length of runs (without stopping)

And, will the applicator integrate well into your operating environment?

  • Possible locations in the process
  • Size and mounting features
  • Power & air requirements
  • Operator controls for setup
  • Any impacts on the speed of your line

What is the price for the label applicator? What does it include?

  • Components
  • Services
  • Warranty

Is the applicator self-contained? What additional equipment and labor are needed?

  • Label supply - butt splicer
  • Waste handling - vaccuum system, chopper, etc. Recycling liner waste.
  • Operator time to manage the label supply and waste

Are you changing where labels are applied in your process?

  • Savings related to removing old process

What does it take to get started?

  • Time and cost for installation
  • Training for staff

What ongoing maintenance is needed?

  • Parts needing regular replacement
  • Cleaning the unit
  • Maintenance fees, optional or required

For more about the potential revenue impact of the PowerStick applicator, contact us to receive your interactive copy of the PowerStick Business Case Spreadsheet.