PowerStick In-Line Label Applicators

Using Compact PowerSticks on your Large Presses

From the beginning, the PowerStick applicator was designed for speed. It runs in synch with your press and slides self-adhesive items smoothly onto your material web at your normal operating speed.

We have now adapted, tested and installed our core model on large commercial presses, like the Mann Roland 66 press shown on the right.

This compact model uses an external label supply - a butt splicer or fan-folded packs - and a vacuum system for waste removal. Watch it applying removable notes on newsprint in the video below.

PowerStick applicator for large press

PowerStick on Press


Based on our experience with presses like MR 66:

Install where needed on your press

  • Second or third story locations in tight areas - 30 feet above the floor in this case

Protect the label supply as it travels many feet to reach the applicator

  • Solution depends on your environment
  • Simple tubing used in the installation shown here

Reorient the direction of the infeed to be inline with the paper web

  • PowerStick turn bars receive input from any direction and realign it to your web direction

For larger presses, like Roto Graver:

Attach applicator directly to your press (no frame)

  • PowerStick can apply labels using your standard roller
Contact us to discuss the details of your environment.

Watch Video Below


Label Applicator Info
View or download the Compact PowerStick Information Sheet