Plastic Card Issuance Equipment

IDs, Drivers' licenses, Registration Cards, Smart Cards   . . .

The PowerForward Card Issuing System is designed to meet the needs of high volume card issuers. It automates all functions between card manufacture and mailing.

This mass issuance system processes millions of flat cards a year - all types (except embossed financial cards) including: gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, ID cards, drivers licenses, social security cards or health cards.

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Card System for Verifying, Personalizing & Mailing

Running Government Cards at 10,000 per hour

Integrated multi-function card system for processing flat plastic cards . . . from feeding and reading cards (in any order) through sealing and metering envelopes.

  • Full range of flat plastic card types, sizes and shapes
  • Complete verification (using card ID in mag-stripe or printed on card face) while maintaining production speed
  • Creation of personalized carriers, affixing 1 or 2 cards, enveloping and integration with commercial mail inserter
  • Integrated with your existing software and databases
  • Speeds up to 15,000 cards per hour

The personalization and mailing features of the system can also be used (without cards) to mail correspondence, statements or other documents to customers.


Integration with your Mailing Machine

The system is designed for card issuers who have decided to manufacture their cards as a separate initial step. And then prepare them for mailing (or shipping) in a second higher speed operation.

The PowerForward Card System is built around your mailing machine – either your existing equipment or a new machine that you have selected. We can integrate most conventional mailing machines into our systems – Kern, Pitney Bowes, Böwe Bell + Howell, Mail Crafters, and others. (Left and right-hand models are available.)

The throughput of the system is controlled by the mailing machine with the goal of keeping the whole integrated system running at full speed without stoppages or gaps, even when problems occur in assembling the input for mailing.


Card Verification Features

Several verification steps ensure that only good cards are mailed.

  • Feeds and reads cards, rejecting those that are not readable
  • Checks database to verify card number and diverts cards that are: duplicates, not found, or specified to be pulled
  • Verifies card face using vision system and rejects defective cards
  • Tracks all cards for 100% reconciliation

Card verification
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