Plastic Card Issuance - Business Opportunities

Many companies in the card business integrate card manufacture with card issuance . . . limiting the speed of the whole line to the slower card manufacturing step. If you are looking for a different approach, we offer Card Issuing System for high speed card verification and issuance (leaving you free to select the most cost effective methods for manufacturing and issuing your cards).

  • Enhancing card security
  • Increasing the throughput of your card issuance process

PowerForward's technology can make the difference . . . for high volume (5 million plus per year) processing of flat plastic cards.


Enhancing Card Security

When your cards have value (ID cards, government cards, gift cards), make sure they're properly encoded and the the front and back of the card are consistent. Card manufacturers, card issuers, card purchasers . . . all have a vested interest in quality and security. (If you are issuing government cards, see our Government page.)

With our Card Issuing System, you can verify plastic cards at very high speeds, rejecting those with defects and producing a detailed security log of all cards.


Increasing Throughput

When you're issuing millions of cards, speed and cost matter. To maximize your flexibility and throughput, manufacture your cards separately and put your verification and finishing process inline with your high speed mailing equipment.

PowerFoward's Card Issuing System produces verified cards attached to folded personalized carriers at over 10,000 cards per hour. The inputs are stacks of your flat (separately manufactured) cards, and the outputs are verified cards attached to folded personalized carriers that are fed directly into your mailing machine.

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